Services Offered

I only service Fremont, Woodcliff, Pawnee Meadows and White Tail Run.

I offer a free initial consultation to meet you and your pets.

Free House Sitting Care

 Individual pet sits within Fremont: $10.00 for a half hour visit (3 or more visits a day will be discounted to a $25.00 per day charge)   

 Pet Sits to Pawnee Meadows and White Tail Run areas: $13.00/half hour 

 Pet sits to Woodcliff :   $15.00/half hour visit 


Mid-Day Let outs Monday through Friday$120.00 per month

Pet Taxi Shuttle to Carie's Pet Grooming in Arlington

$15.00 for a one way trip/ $25.00 for a round trip 

$5.00 for a trip in the city of Fremont

Dog Walking : 

$12.00/half hour walk for one dog ( Weekly rates will be discounted )

Behavioral Training : $35.00 per hour visit

Nail Trims : small dog $10.00  Large dog $15.00

Treadmill training for dogs

$25.00 per hour (I spend about 15 minutes at a time and should take approximately 4 visits to get them trained.  I am not responsible for those dogs who don't accept the treadmill)